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Weekly menu and meals plans delivered to your door

Meal Plans Made Easy With Chefs Plate

Looking for simple and delicious recipes to cook at home? Our meal plan delivery service is just the thing for you. Get inspiring recipes and fresh ingredients directly to you by opting for one of our healthy meal plans at Chefs Plate - delivered straight to you without a hitch!

Flexible, fresh and full of flavour. Try a Chefs Plate meal plan today.

Create A Meal Plan That Works For You

Discover Chefs Plate’s meal plans online today and find a weekly food box that works for you.
Our meal plans aren’t restrictive. We don’t offer calorie controlled or diet meal plan delivery; just fresh, nutritious meals to cook at home, providing a healthier alternative to frozen and fast foods.
You’ll choose your meals in advance from our weekly menu, allowing you to plan ahead. Whether you’re looking for meat, fish or vegetarian meal plans, or dishes that can be cooked in as little as 15 minutes, you’re spoilt for choice.
We have designed our fresh meal plans to help Canadians eat well at home, regardless of their budget, schedule and cooking experience. Why not try our food delivery for yourself?

Fresh Meal Plans That Are Full of Flavour

Forget boring. Chefs Plate’s meal plan delivery brings the flavours of the world to your dinner table. From the spicy curries of India and Thailand to the comforting pastas of Italy and zesty tacos of Mexico, our team of chefs have created a global selection of meals for you.
It doesn’t matter if you love to cook or if you’re inexperienced in the kitchen, everyone can cook our recipes. Pre-portioned ingredients take the stress out of meal prep, while our easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions guide you through the whole process.
From vegetarian options to 15 minute meals and dishes that can be cooked on the BBQ, create a food box that perfectly suits your lifestyle with Chefs Plate today.

Chefs Plate meal plan prices

At Chefs Plate you get what you pay for, our weekly meal plan prices depend on the option you choose to suit you. Choose from box sizes to suit a family of 2 or 4 and opt for either 3, 4 or 5 recipes per week - whatever you need! Chefs Plate Family Plan Price A Chefs Plate box for a family of 4 for 5 nights a week costs $165 + shipping, that's $8.25 per serving!

Smaller Chefs Plate Plans If you don't have as many people to cater for every day, don't worry. Our smallest weekly food plan offers 3 recipes for 2 people costing onl $70 + shipping.

Meal plan delivery with fresh, high-quality ingredients in your weekly menu

Filled with the freshest, best quality ingredients to cook delicious recipes at home, our meal plans subscriptions are the best way to rediscover the joy of cooking. Simply choose a delivery slot that suits you, and enjoy your meal plans delivered straight to your door! Whatever your dining habits, Chefs Plate has the best meal plan for you.

Our boxes are suitable for two to four people and include three to five recipes per week. If you’re eating alone, then simply save what’s left for the next day. If you have a larger family, then it’s just as easy to combine recipes and serve up a feast. Enjoy our top meal subscriptions which provide everything you need to get creative in the kitchen.


What our customers ask about Meal Plan:

Which meal plan should I pick?

We offer four different meal plans for you to choose from including: * **15 Minute Meal Plan** - featuring quick and easy meals to help time-poor Canadians make dinner in a hurry. * **Vegetarian Plan** - great-tasting recipes minus animal-based proteins. * **Family Plan** - delivering four servings of family friendly meals that everyone can enjoy together. * **Classic Plan** - blends together meals from our other plans with some dishes that are unique to the Classic plan.

Can I change between meal plans?

You can switch your meal plan week to week, so you’re always on the best meal plan for your circumstances. You can switch your plan in the subscription tab of your account settings. You can also do so when creating an order, by selecting the menu type below your delivery address.

Can I skip a week?

You can skip a week of your meal plan up to four weeks in advance by amending the delivery schedule in your account. To skip a week or cancel, please let us know anytime before the weekly cutoff on Wednesday the week before delivery at 11:59pm EST.

When will I receive my food box?

You’ll receive your order by 8pm on your chosen delivery day, but we’ll email you to let you know when your food box is on its way to you.

What if I’m not home when my meal plan arrives?

If you’re not home when your food box arrives, the driver will leave it at your door. Alternatively, you can update the delivery instructions in your account, if you’d prefer your order left elsewhere. Don’t worry about your food staying fresh; our packaging will keep it fresh until you return home.