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Poutine - Canadians Are The Proudest Of Their National Dish

Every country has their own dish that they can’t help shouting about, especially whenever there is an opportunity to proudly fly the flag alongside their favourite food.

And it’s official: Canadian food inspires the most national pride, with more tweets pairing the nation's flag emoji with mentions of the country’s national dish than any other country. Through this emoji-sentiment analysis, Chefs Plate can demonstrate that poutine, Canada’s national dish, came out on top.

According to Chef’s Plate’s analysis of countries with at least 5 million Twitter users, Canada’s flag emoji accounts for a third of all of the national flag emojis used in tweets about national dishes by the 18 countries analysed. Spain came in at a close second with 27%.

Top 10 Countries for Including National Flag in Tweets About Its National Dish

Country Tweets containing national flag emoji
Canada 74
Spain 61
Saudi Arabia 19
Philippines 19
United States 14
Turkey 12
Japan 9
South Korea 6
Brazil 5
Indonesia 2
Meanwhile, Brazil’s national dish of feijoada was shown to be the most tasty and mouthwatering, with the 😋 and 🤤, respectively, being used more often than for other national dishes.

Emoji Data: Chef's Plate emoji-based sentiment analysis of Twitter's API. Each icon represents 10 tweets that included the emoji in a tweet about the country’s national dish. Values are rounded to the nearest 10.

Canadian Poutine Still Features in the Top 10 for Both

7th for mouthwatering and 10th for tasty.

Top 10 by 🤤 usage
Country Tweets containing 🤤 emoji
Brazil 451
Indonesia 191
Japan 86
Spain 74
United States 63
Philippines 62
Canada 57
South Korea 55
Turkey 27
Saudi Arabia 15

Top 10 by 😋 usage
Country Tweets containing 😋 emoji
Brazil 369
Japan 250
United States 146
Spain 144
Indonesia 114
Saudi Arabia 111
Philippines 105
Turkey 54
South Korea 53
Canada 50

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Data Methodology

  • Analysed national dishes for countries where Twitter is a popular social media platform – those with at least 5 million users.
  • National dishes were searched for using local writing systems (ie Latin, Arabic, Cryllic, Hangul and Kanji).
  • Used Twitter’s API to search tweets from the past 7 days from when the data was collected.
  • Results show the number of tweets containing selected emojis rather than how many times an emoji was used (i.e. multiple uses of the same emoji in one tweet is counted once in the analysis).
  • Analysis ran on 13 October 2021 and 19 October 2021. Note: data for Canada was gathered on 19 October to exclude the Thanksgiving period from analysis.