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Canada’s Top 10 Sandwiches Ranked

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We’re constantly evolving and striving to understand the changing tastes of the nation, to supply you with appetizing meal plans week after week, which is why we’ve taken a deeper look into the ultimate lunch option, the humble sandwich. We looked at the search volumes in Canada to find out the most popular sandwiches throughout the nation - and you might be surprised with the results. Here are our findings.
Canada’s Sandwich Fillings, Ranked From Best To Worst

Canada’s Sandwich Fillings, Ranked From Best To Worst

  1. Chicken
  2. Roast Beef
  3. Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato
  4. Grilled Cheese
  5. Hot Hamburger
  6. Fish
  7. Steak
  8. Jambon Beurre
  9. French Dip
  10. Bacon, Egg and Cheese
Canada's Favourite Sandwich Filling Revealed

Canada's Favourite Sandwich Filling Revealed

Our search volume data highlights that Canadians prefer simple sandwich fillings such as chicken, grilled cheese and smoked salmon, over more decadent sandwich fillings such as Jambon Beurre, French dip and bacon egg and cheese.

Chicken has earned itself the number one spot, with a monthly search volume of 8,100. This was then followed by roast beef with a search volume of 3,600 and the classic BLT with a search volume of 2,400.

It is interesting to see the majority of Canadians opting for simple, crowd-pleasing options for their sandwiches, such as chicken, beef and bacon. These versatile ingredients are typically loved by all ages, making them great family-friendly options. There was also a lack of vegetarian options in the top 10, suggesting that Canada is a nation of meat lovers.

Plus, chicken, beef, bacon and cheese may sound like common ingredients, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. There are lots of ways to flavour these fillings and add complementary ingredients so that people can spice up their sandwiches.

Just take a look at our Southern Style BBQ Sandwich, which comes filled with roast chicken, chopped and tossed with BBQ sauce, before being loaded onto soft buns and topped with a tangy dill slaw. Noone could argue that that’s a boring sandwich! Interestingly, the data also highlights a dip in the popularity of some traditional Canadian sandwiches, such as hot hamburger, which has a search volume of 1,000. So although it seems the nation is opting for more simple, classic sandwiches, the classic Canadian favourites still haven’t been forgotten. In fact, in some provinces like Prince Edward Island and Manitoba, the hot hamburger is actually a trending delicacy, with searches up 200% on Google trends.

Some Canadians are Opting for French Delicacies

Some Canadians are Opting for French Delicacies

French culture is prominent in Canada, especially when it comes to sandwich fillings, as two French classics made the top 10. Jambon Beurre had a monthly search volume of 880, while French dip had a search volume of 590. Both the Jambon Beurre and French dip are renowned for their meaty texture and decadent flavours, making them the perfect sandwich choice when you want something hearty and delicious for lunch.

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