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Date Food: Best Types of Food to Eat Before a First Date

Wondering what to eat before a date?

Not only will you want something that keeps your breath fresh, your stomach lined and your skin glowing, you’ll want to eat something that calms those jittery nerves. To help you out, our food researchers have found the best types of food for a first date. We’ve even put together the perfect pre-date meal, so you can head to the big night feeling your best.
<h2>Foods That Reduce Anxiety</h2>

Foods That Reduce Anxiety

Foods that are high in dietary fiber are great to eat before a big date because they’ve been shown to reduce inflammation in the brain that’s linked to anxiety. Opting for plant-based foods such as lentils, beans, nuts, seeds and grains can help you feel calmer and at ease.

Our Lentil & Rice bowl is full of anxiety-busting fiber, plus it’ll keep you full all night long. You can even keep the yoghurt dressing garlic-free if you’re worried about garlic breath.
<h2>Foods to Freshen Your Breath </h2>

Foods to Freshen Your Breath

We all know that bad breath is a major turn-off on a first date, so eating strong, lingering foods are a big no. Instead, pack your plate with plenty of crunchy vegetables like carrots, peppers and cabbage, as these help produce more saliva to fight bad-smelling bacteria.

A textured salad like our Crunchy Vietnamese Chicken salad is ideal to eat before a date because it uses raw veggies for extra crunch. It’s even topped with toasted peanuts for calming fiber.
<h2>Foods for Clear Skin </h2>

Foods for Clear Skin

Foods that are high in bioactive compounds like vitamin C, vitamin E and beta carotene can hydrate your skin, making it appear firmer and brighter. This one isn’t a quick fix however, so make sure you’re incorporating foods like grapes, passion fruit and soybeans into your diet 8-12 weeks before the big date.

Roasting grapes is a delicious way to add them to savoury meals, as they add a dose of sweetness to balance out salty flavours. Try them out with our Middle Eastern Spiced Chicken and Farro recipe.
 <h2>Foods to Line Your Stomach </h2>

Foods to Line Your Stomach

Dates can often involve consuming one too many cocktails, so eating a substantial meal before you head out is really important. Healthy fats like salmon and avocado are good to eat before a date because they slow the rate at which alcohol is absorbed into your system.

Salmon with greens and potato will keep you full for the rest of the night, while still being light enough to keep you energised.
<h2> Foods to Line Your Stomach </h2>

Foods to Line Your Stomach

While it’s easy for nerves to get the better of us, going to a first date on an empty stomach is a big no no. Healthy fats like salmon and avocado have been proven to slow the rate at which alcohol is absorbed into our system, making it perfect for dates that involve a few cocktails.

Celebrity Dating Guru, James Preece, also shared his tip on what to eat before a date: "It's a good idea to eat a little dark chocolate before you go out on a date. That's because it's a great source of tryptophan, which causes the brain to release relaxing feel good chemicals such as serotonin. Alternatively, a cup of green tea can help calm you down before you head out.

There's no better way to head to a date feeling calm and happy, so whatever you choose to eat, make sure it's delicious! For more tasty meal inspiration, head to our Weekly Menu

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