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Delivered Weekly

How it works

You choose from new original recipes.

We deliver exactly what you need in a refrigerated box.

You create exciting new dinners following our simple steps.

On the menu this week

15 Minute

Rosemary Chicken & Apple Chutney

Beef Pad Gra Prow

Salmon with Almond Brown Butter

Farm-fresh ingredients from local Canadian businesses.

Locally sourced and
internationally inspired
Simple step
by step recipes
Animals raised without
antibiotics or hormones
Specialty seasonal
Recipes are designed
to be balanced and nutritious

What our home chefs are saying

Chicken and Angel Hair Pasta with pan roasted Ontario asparagus and marinated artichokes
"Seriously such an amazing concept - all the ingredients right at your door-step..."
Dog Looking eagerly at Chefs Plate Box
"Ohmyfurrrr this is SO good!!"
Butter Chicken Tacos with soft flour tortillas and a lime and jalapeno raita
"During a busy week, it is nice to come home to a box of groceries including spices and sauces all measured and ready to cook with pictures as a guide."

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