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Oct 21 - Oct 27

15 Minute
Rosemary Chicken & Apple Chutney with roasted sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts,
Beef Pad Gra Prow with Thai basil, sweet chili sauce and sticky rice,
Salmon with Almond Brown Butter over herbed couscous with garlic beans,
Honey Sriracha Glazed Pork & Sesame Potatoes Pork Banh Mi Focaccias,
+ $7.00 per serving
Turkey Sausage Pasta with rapini and fire roasted tomato sauce, Fresh Pasta
Indian Veggie Pot Pie with curry spiced biscuits, chickpeas and broccoli,
Malaysian Mango Noodles with a spicy tahini-chili sauce and black sesame,
Mushroom Marsala Risotto with leeks, baby spinach and thyme, One Pot Dinner
Steak & Peppercorn Sauce with roasted potatoes & buttery Brussels sprouts,
+ $1.20-$2.00 per serving
Ssamjang Chicken with udon noodles, snow peas & lime,
+ $1.20-$2.00 per serving
Turkey Sloppy Joes with BBQ sauce and rainbow chopped salad,
+ $1.20-$2.00 per serving
Red Curry Ramen with roasted sweet potatoes and creamy peanut sauce,
+ $1.20-$2.00 per serving
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